You may have to change your digital content to a different format in the future

You know all about backup and disaster recovery for your digital content. Your IT department or Cloud provider take care of that for you. But, is that good enough? Your users depend on being able to render the object (PDFs, videos, audios, large maps and drawings) with almost any browser.

Will your users be able to find and render all these objects 5 or 10 years from now? Or, will new formats be invented for more efficient storage and faster downloads? At that time the latest browser may not even deal with the old format.

The best you can do now is to ensure that you will easily be able to convert to the new format with a utility that will become available at that time.  Our professional services staff have been helping customers with these issues for many years. Contact the Eloquent Help Desk or phone 1-800-663-8172/100 for a quick demo of software that simplifies all this.

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