WebGENCAT – the “database of things”

WebGENCATWebGENCAT is derived from GEN for “generic” and CAT for “catalog”. It is the core of all Eloquent software.

All Eloquent WebSuite applications have a catalog of valuable things that people want to keep for a long time. Things that are worth organizing and cataloging so they will be easy to find.

When people search an Eloquent database they expect to find everything about the specific topic. They need precision searching. It is not like Googling for something and getting millions of hits, most not relevant.

The WebGENCAT Toolkit was used to build four related applications: Archives, Library, Museum and Records. The Toolkit creates configuration records that are easily modified and exchanged between systems. The professionals who manage  these applications have established special standards for cataloging the things they manage. Today, with online access to the catalog, people in their organization often do not even know which application has the item(s) they need. They want “only one place to look”. The Eloquent’s cross-application search provides both: a single access portal and support for professional standards.

The Eloquent WebSuite holds data for all four applications. Some of the data is unique to each application. Some is shared. Shared data may include the proper names or topical subjects used when cataloging or classifying the things. The names of people/patrons that request and borrow the physical items may also be the same for several applications. This taxonomy or controlled vocabulary has synonyms, broader & narrower terms, previous & subsequent relationships. Users still find things using their older, more familiar terms and are given suggestions of related terms.

Digital Asset Management

Eloquent has a special folder for Digital Content – PDFs, videos, audios, pictures, spreadsheets, presentations, large maps & diagrams, and much more. When searching the catalog you may find physical items you can request from storage or digital assets available to render online with any browser or mobile device. The catalog may also contain digital content stored anywhere in the world, such as YouTube and other websites, as long as it is available with a browser or mobile device.

All Traditional Workflow

The Eloquent WebSuite software supports all the traditional workflow for the entire lifecycle of each item, from the time they are acquired to the time they are destroyed or archived.  Users have only one portal – one place to look. They find everything for their with one search: archives, library, museum, business records; physical as well as digital. They can use their favorite browser of any mobile device.

More Information

Do not hesitate to contact info@eloquent-systems.com to register for a webinar about the software.  Or, go to www.eloquent-systems.com. to get more detail about the entire WebSuite of applications.


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