Streaming PDF, Video, Audio – no more long downloads


Every Eloquent database can include all types of digital content. Users find it with any Internet browser or mobile device.

Do your users complain about the time it takes to download the digital content in your databases? You can solve that by storing them so they will stream.

Your users should find it very intuitive. They already use the tools when searching the Internet. They do not need to download any software.

In your Eloquent database you will probably have only one digital object on a page along with a lot of descriptive information. This blog shows many samples so you can imagine what your users will see.

YouTube Video
You can catalog a video have saved on YouTube or one you find that is of interest to your users.You leave it there and simply link to it. It will show up as follows for anyone that searches your database.

Another YouTube example

MP4 Video Clip
Another option is to save the video in MP4 format in the Eloquent database just as you would any other digital object. Users immediately start streaming it.

MP3 Audio Clip
Audio clips can be stored in the Eloquent database in MP3 format, which will play with any browser or mobile devise.

PDFs as Flip Book
You can get software to run on your own computer or in the cloud to convert PDFs to Flip Books. They are stored in your Eloquent database. Click the image to see how quickly you can start reading. (Note: A demo version of the software was used, so excuse the watermark.)


Large Map in JPEG2000 format
If you store large maps and architectural drawings in Eloquent in JPEG2000 format your users can view them with any browser of mobile device. Just click the map to test drive an example.


A video from NASA LaRC Office of Education
The video below is stored somewhere on the Internet, but not at YouTube. Your user does not care.

A video stored on Vimeo

Do not hesitate to contact to register for a webinar showing how to quickly load all your digital content into an Eloquent applications.  Or, go to to get more detail about the entire WebSuite of applications.

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