Special Handling of Images

Advertisers know the value of attractive images; what about your online database?

Pictures are more memorable than words and encourage your audience to discover more about you and your online database. The visual impact allows viewers to take in content in a much shorter amount of time. They are also more likely to share what they find with their “friends” on social media.

Even if your database is a catalogue of a million physical items in storage and not digitized, you can always digitize a few of the most interesting items to get public visibility. Once people are in the database they soon discover all the other interesting material that may still only be in the physical form and not available to view online. They can easily request it from your reference desk with an automatically populated email.

A video about handling images recently posted on YouTube was published by an experienced knowledge professional, who is now an adjunct university professor. She has a message for all knowledge professionals regarding how to manage various types of digital content and the special consideration given to photographs and images. She happens to use our Eloquent software and customer databases to illustrate her recommendations.

Watch this video at your leisure and learn how to expand your audience.

You may also learn more about the Eloquent WebSuite applications running on the WebGENCAT™ Platform that were used in the video and you can also search into several client databases to find out how they are using images to promote their holdings.



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