Social Outreach to promote Your Holdings

 Going online may not be adequate; people have to find you!

– What are your outreach goals?
– How do you get your message out?
– How can you help your audience find you?

It is time to breathe new life into your efforts by including a social media approach to change your traditional public relations tactics. Using the social media puts your collection into a much wider public eye.

To get people to view, share, download, and request material, make sure they can find you and then give them instant gratification. Your website is a great start, by placing links to your database from any page of your website, they have no trouble finding you.

Our video recently published on YouTube was published by Maria Robinson, an experienced knowledge professional, now an adjunct university professor. She specializes in social media and has a message for all knowledge professionals and happens to use our Eloquent software and clients to illustrate her recommendations.

The video covers the use of social media buttons, tagging on images and crowd-sourced comments. The public can easily share your content with all their “friends”. What a great way to expand your fan base.

This webinar shows how you can easily harness the power of social media. Your interesting holdings are already online for everyone you want to reach. Watch  this video at your leisure and expand your audience.

Learn more about the Eloquent WebSuite applications running on the WebGENCAT™ Platform. You can also search into several client databases to find out what they are doing with the Eloquent software.


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