Your online Archives start with your Accessions

Why not let people know about all the accessions in your backlog? They may be happy to search through the boxes themselves.

This video recently posted on YouTube is a great mini-webinar about the accessioning process. It is presented by Maria Robinson, an experienced professional archivist, who is now an adjunct university professor. Maria recommends starting to build your online archives database as soon as they are accessioned. Do not forget about them in the backlog.

In the process of accessioning you can accomplish a lot:

  • Include them in your online database so the public knows you have them.
  • Identify the warehouse location of every box.
  • Identify the collection/fond/record group they belong to.
  • Prepare formal Deed of Gift or Thank you Notes.

The video illustrates the entire process using a copy of the Eloquent Archives software. Your accession becomes a valuable asset as soon as it arrives, even if it is destined for your backlog of processing. Having it online will also gather information about the public interest and the priority it should have for the processing step.

Enjoy the video and to learn more, search into several online databases to find out what other archivists are doing the Eloquent Archives software.

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