Will your database survive the next cyber-attack?


Enterprise Content Management with Eloquent WebSuite

You can use free software to test your database, or to test the next software you may consider using. You could click to the SSL Server Test from Qualys SSL Labs. You will be prompted for the domain name of the database you wish to test. For example, you can test the security level of the Independence Seaport Museum database by entering https://gencat1.eloquent-systems.com/ for its domain name in the server test.

You can do the same for any of the public databases listed on the Eloquent Client List. Or, do the same for any other software you may be interested in. Just take only the domain name portion of the URL for the server test.

Most databases have some level of vulnerability because they want to permit access from the older versions of the popular browsers. By increasing the security control a lot of the public would not be able to use the database. You just do not want a failing grade on the test.

You can find more information about the software used by the Independence Seaport Museum at the Eloquent Systems website.

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