Do you need a Table of Contents for your Videos?

2015-03-13-01Everyone likes to use a Table of Content for books and reports. Why not provide them for your videos and audios:  conference presentations, oral history, council meetings, or any other long presentation?

People using the Eloquent WebSuite will soon have a Table of Contents for their Audios & Videos. Their public can already stream rather than wait for a lengthy download. Now they will be able to skip to the section that interests them rather than watch/listen to the entire publication.They can already use their favorite browser or any mobile device to render all types of digital content cataloged in their Eloquent application.

Please contact the Eloquent Help Desk if you want a demo or more information about this new module available with all Eloquent Applications.  Or, search into the public databases on the Eloquent Client List to see how the software is already used for streaming digital content.

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