Navigating Hierarchical Structure

Using hierarchical structures make online databases easy to navigate; this video shows how easy they are to build.

A video recently posted on YouTube was published by an experienced knowledge professional now an adjunct university professor. She specializes in database structures and has a message for all knowledge professionals. She happens to use our Eloquent software and customers to illustrate her recommendations because she is familiar with them.

You will be surprised at how easy these structures are to create. It is a parent-child relationship, so you simply link to the parent and the software does the rest. This video uses a number of examples:

  • For archives – item within file, within sub-series, within series, within collection (fonds/record group)
  • For records – a classification scheme with any number of levels
  • For museum – (several) classifications, components, material types, and more
  • For library – issues < volumes < journals
  • Physical Storage – drawer < cabinet < room < building; document < folder < box

Watch  this video at your leisure and get ideas for making it easier for your users to navigate your database. You can also search into several client databases to see how they take advantage of hierarchies.


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