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A keyword search can be very precise. You are not overwhelmed with irrelevant results. Eloquent Mobile makes a word search convenient on your phone as well as desktop. During implementation, the Keyword prompt is custom tailored to include as many data fields as you wish, even the full text of an attached document. (Caution: full text is usually not very precise.) A word search can be used in several search prompts (access points) in any of the Eloquent applications – Archives, Library, Museum, or Records.

Here are sample word searches with proper names:

  • Bill Smith as the Keyword prompt  will find all records with any reference to Bill Smith. If may include William Smith if somewhere in the configuration Bill was entered as a synonym for William. The same is true for Smyth. Entering bill smith and smith bill will get the same results. The order of the words does not matter and the case of the characters does not matter. You will also find Bill K. Smith, but not B K Smith.
  • Restrict the search further with “bill smith” . The quotations indicate an exact phrase search. It will not find Smith, Bill or Bill K. Smith
  • Bill Smith in the Author/Creator prompt will narrow the search to only those items created or authored by him.
  • Smith alone will certainly find Bill Smith, but also so many others that the search is not very precise.

Other sample word searches:

  • Environm* will find everything with words starting with “environm”, such as environmental and environment.
  • Words ending in an “s” will also find the singular. For example, searching on cars will find car. Depending how the database was configured the opposite may also happen – a search for car finds cars.
  • *ology will find all words ending with “ology”.

AND, OR Logic:

  • (jane/smith) smith will find all records with combinations of john smith as well as those for jane smith.
  • henry george brown will only find records that contain all three words. So, if you are not sure his middle name is always used just search with henry brown.

General Comments

  • If you have a choice of prompts use a narrow prompt for more precise results. For example if you are looking for documents created/written by Bill Smith use the Author/Creator prompt rather than the Keyword prompt. Keyword will find items that make reference to him but for which he was not the author.
  • To ensure you do not miss items in the database use fewer words for a search. For example, if you are not sure what was used for a person first name, just search with the surname.

Do not hesitate to contact if your system does not appear to comply with these rules. Eloquent customers get unlimited Help Desk support. For general information about the software go to

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