Users CAN file records accurately – including electronic records

In the days of “paper” we expected everyone to file all their own documents that were important enough to be considered “records”. They were expected to know what could be destroyed or should kept. They can easily take the same responsibility for electronic documents and all other digital assets.

Electronic documents go into “virtual” folders rather than paper folders. Users are offered only the folders relevant to them, making the selection easy. They do not have to understand your records classification scheme or retention requirements. The virtual folder contains all of that metadata. It does not need to be repeated for every document.

Only the records manager and possibly someone from each work group is authorized to create folders and link them to the appropriate place in the classification scheme where the software uses the retention information to calculate the disposition date..

Our professional services staff has been helping customers with these issues for many years. Contact the Eloquent Help Desk or phone 1-800-663-8172/100 for a quick demo of software that makes your job so much easier.

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