Eloquent Cloud response is 3 times faster

Cloud's PhotoEveryone using the Eloquent Cloud to host their application has noticed a dramatic improvement in response time. Most searches are more than 3 times as fast, while some other functions are more than seven. This is partly because of new hardware in the Eloquent Cloud and partly because the system was upgraded to the latest release of the WebGENCAT Platform.

The technical team at Eloquent have worked hard to keep the Web-based software, first released in 2001, up-to-date with the latest technology. All access to the applications has always been with the web browser from anywhere in the world. All applications have a “Public Access” component. In some cases it is for everyone on the Internet while in others situations it is for only people within the enterprise, but who may be located anywhere in the world.

Today the software is mobile-friendly, so people can search the database and display all types of digital content with any mobile device. The display adjusts to the size of the screen so that the text is always easy to read. Users can do precise searches into a database containing professionally cataloged resources that were curated to meet their specific interests. They waste no time on irrelevant material. If they find digital content of any type it can be rendered online. Otherwise, they can request it from storage with an automatically populated email.

Links for more information

Try for yourself! There are several publically available databases on the Internet. You can link to a sampling of them from the Eloquent Client List. More information about the Eloquent Cloud applications can be found at the Eloquent Website.


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