Does your taxonomy use global synonyms?

Are people having trouble finding things in your database with a keyword search? Or, are they surprised how comprehensive the results are. They search on Mary Smith and find things related to Mary Brown (her name prior to getting married), or Missy Smith (her common nickname). They search on pollution and get things about contamination. Your software is acting like wise owl.

It is easy to add this additional intelligence into your database if it can support synonyms in a number of places: Global synonyms to apply to the entire database; table-specific synonyms to apply to all the things in that table (such as company names); or specific-item synonyms. For example, only for Mary Smith is Missy a synonym for Mary, not for all Mary(s) in the database.

Contact the Eloquent Help Desk to learn more. They are enthusiastic about showing this capability to anyone looking for good software. If you already have one of the applications in theĀ Eloquent WebSuite, they will get you started on this powerful feature at no cost to you.

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