Document destruction is as important as being able to find them

Everyone understands the importance of filing your various resources so that all authorized people will be able to find them easily. They would like only one place to look. Legal and business requirements demand that document destruction happens on timely schedule. That job can be very time consuming if they were not filed properly:

  • If they are in storage boxes, can the entire box be destroyed, or do they have to be examined folder by folder?
  • If final approval is required, is it easy to get reports for the respective owners for their approval?
  • If they are digital objects (electronic records) will the software delete the copies?
  • Will extra copies exist and show up at embarrassing times to cause legal issues?
  • Is a log kept with the date and authorization for the destruction?

Our professional services staff have been helping customers prepare for document destruction for many years. Contact the Eloquent Help Desk or phone 1-800-663-8172/100 for a quick demo of software that simplifies all this.

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