Digital Content may be more difficult to find than your paper records.

Over the years professionals have devised great systems for storing physical items in a logical manner, so that can easily be found. It has been obvious to everyone that you cannot just put everything in one big pile. But now, with the magic of software, you can just dump everything into the computer. Really?

You may have heard the horror stories of the time wasted and budgets blown when organizations have let this happen. The software has “fuzzy logic” to find it, or auto classification to store it logically. The knowledge professionals (librarians, archivists, records managers) were not consulted. The systems they have developed over generations were not considered.

It is refreshing to find that these proven systems developed for physical items apply to digital content as well – everything from organizing the filing/storage to final disposition based on business and legal requirements.

Our professional services staff have been helping customers with these digital content issues for many years. Contact the Eloquent Help Desk or phone 1-800-663-8172/100 for a quick demo of software that simplifies all this.

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