Searching by Date & Date Range with Eloquent Mobile

You can restrict your search to a very precise set of documents by restricting the date to a specific date or date range. Also, you can restrict it to a specific date. For example, a persons birth, marriage, or death.  Eloquent Mobile makes a date search convenient on your phone as well as desktop.

You should know the format of the date in the database. Was it entered with no controls, which means that a precision search is almost impossible. Or, does it conform to a specific format:

  1. Calendar date – the software will control the input. For example, it will not permit something like April 31. Usually there is a calendar from which to pick the date, or you can enter it manually. Several formats are accepted, but something like “17apr2016” gets rid of the confusion about the sequence of day vs. month. If you drop the 1st two digits of the year the system will assume the current century. That is also a good format when searching. The format for displays on reports can be configured many different ways, regardless of how it was originally entered. Samples of valid searches are:
    •  01apr16…30apr16 for the month of April 2016
    • 01jan1990…31dec1990 for all of the year 1990
    • 31dec15 for everything prior to the  end of 2015
    • 01jan2000  for everything on January 1, 2000 and since
  2. YYYY-MM-DD – this format is ideal in situations when the search is going to be by year or month. It is also great for sorting. A search is like a truncated word. For example:
    •  1980* finds everything in the year 1980,
    • 198* finds everything in the decade of the 1980”s.
    • 1980-05* finds everything in the month of May 1980.
  3. Free Format – if the date field did not have an edit to control the format, searching will be very difficult or impossible. This should never happen with an Eloquent system. If it exists, it is probably because the legacy data imported into Eloquent had no controls.

Do not hesitate to contact if your system does not appear to comply with these rules. Eloquent customers get unlimited Help Desk support. Go to for general information about the software.


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