Need a YouTube Tutorial for your Online Database?

YouTubeIt is not that hard to create your own YouTube Tutorial as part of your public database – one that makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for.  You may have very interesting material for the public to see, but the searches are probably not as simple as a simple Google keyword. You offer more precision. it helps to know something about the subject matter and how the data is structured.

Offer your public a YouTube tutorial as soon as they log into the database. It tells them about your interesting holdings and shows them how easy it is find things. The video can be short and easy to follow, getting your clients get off to a pleasant experience.

Check out this great YouTube tutorial for the American College of Surgeons Archives prepared by Dolores J. Barber, Assistant Archivist. Go to their database and view the video for yourself. Then enjoy viewing and listening to some of the digital content you can find in the database.

Ask the Eloquent Help Desk for more information about how to create a YouTube tutorial for your own Eloquent database. Or, if your holdings are not already online, contact by email or at 1-800-663-8172/100 and ask about the Eloquent Starter Kit.

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