The Branson School goes live with Mobile-Friendly Eloquent Archives

branson_logo_647-575_lgThis California school is now “live” with archives software that , is mobile-friendly, runs in the cloud, is a seamless extension of their website, and supports all types of digital content. An auto-published historical timeline offers an additional portal into their rich database of history. Priceless promotion!

 Vancouver, BC – September 13, 2016. Eloquent Systems Inc. is pleased to announce that The Branson School has selected the Eloquent Archives™ software which is mobile-friendly and supports all popular Internet browsers. Their historical timeline, automatically published by the software, shows a rich heritage starting in the 1910’s and moving decade by decade to now becoming one of the most technically advanced schools in the country. The database and timeline are both hosted in the Eloquent Cloud.

Branson is just now rolling out their mobile-friendly website. The timeline and archives database are cleverly integrated into it using the Eloquent Archives software.  I am anxious to hear from our community, just how much they like it,” said Lori Deibel, Librarian. “I know that whatever needs arise, Eloquent will be able to help me meet them, and keep our alums and families interested!

 As an experienced librarian Ms. Deibel knows about organizing information for easy discovery by researchers. New to archives, she realized that they represent a whole new dimension not found with library material. She took full advantage of the power provided by Eloquent Archives. “The complexity of the software is why it is so effective,” she said. “I couldn’t have done it without the patience and know-how of Stan Khaloupny from Eloquent. He and I worked on incorporating flip books (I think I was the first), building the new timeline feature, and rolling out the new, mobile-friendly user-interface. It’s because of his excellent support that I’ve been able to get a handle on my online archives, all while I’m actually doing another full-time job!”

Organizing archival holdings is much more daunting than managing a library. The items are unique. Usually only one copy exists, unlike in a library where you have copies of things found by the thousands around the world. You learn to appreciate the value of quality software: “Its complexity was actually a strength once I learned how to use it,” Lori observed. “I appreciate having almost complete control over my content, as well as being able to incorporate different media linked to my records (images, flip books, videos).

About The Branson School
The Branson School, established in 1920, has a beautiful 17-acre campus located in the residential community of Ross, California, about 11 miles north of San Francisco in Marin County. It has a campus-wide, fully integrated, fiber optic and wireless network linking all academic classrooms, administrative, arts, and athletic buildings to one another and to the Internet. Every classroom is equipped with interactive media equipment, consisting of ceiling-mounted projectors, DVD players, and interactive white boards.

About Eloquent Systems Inc.
Eloquent Systems provides the mobile-friendly software required by knowledge professionals for archives, library, museum, and records management. It gives their users a single portal into all their resources – physical and digital. The cross-application search finds items from all four applications and formats the output to comply with standards established by the respective disciplines. Other workflow processes are out-of-the-box and easy to custom tailor.

Links to Database & Websites
You can search the Branson Archives with your smart phone as well as with any Internet browser, or enter the database via their Historical Timeline. Learn more about the Eloquent Archives™ software on Eloquent’s Website, where you can also access other client databases under Client List. You are invited to register for a webinar or private demo to learn how you can quickly get your digital content online for public access.

Media Contact
Merv Richter, President

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