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Archives LogoMore archivists recognize the value of having only one place to store and manage all their archives; no matter what media type or security level.

Eloquent Archives is a long-time leader in archives management software. It was the first software in the industry to support the hierarchical structures required by standards such as ISAD (G), DACS, and RAD, and for more than four decades, archival institutions have evolved painlessly with Eloquent software through the rapid technology evolution experienced in the industry.

Many centers are now living with The Eloquent Archives software that is mobile-friendly, runs in the cloud, is a seamless extension of their website, and supports all types of digital content. An auto-published historical timeline offers an additional portal into their rich database of history. Anyone viewing the timeline will be able to click links that take them into the live database where they can navigate to a lot of other pictures and related material.

Quickly go public with a few of your most interesting collections and, as time permits, process the backlog. Add current events – they attract the public interest and make archives a dynamic resource. Automatically export selected material to a Historical Timeline. It offers a valuable portal into the most relevant historical material.

I am writing to express how very pleased I am with the Eloquent Archives software. It is difficult to know where to begin in addressing the many marvelous ways Eloquent Archives has served us, so I will endeavor to bring them together under 3 main headings: administrative, ease of use, and public access. Eloquent Archives has provided a strong, user friendly platform that has allowed me to begin bringing accessions, de-accessions, processing, arranging, describing, digitizing, and records stewardship together in one system that is streamlined and efficient.” said Terry L. Potter, Director of  the J. Welles Henderson Archives & Library, Independence Seaport Museum.

Eloquent projects are very cost-effective. You will be pleased with the speed of implementation and the minimal disruption to your ongoing production. The professional services team will review your requirements and propose the best solution.

“Eloquent has many features that have helped us make our collections more accessible and useable. The bulk editing functions have allowed us to put up a large number of scanned photographs in a short period of time” said Julia Pope, MLS; Senior Archivist of Henry Ford Health System.

The base component of the Eloquent Archives™ application gives you everything you need to describe all types of resources and make them available on the Internet. The multi-level structure is easy to create and maintain. Clients use a mobile device or their favorite browser to render all types of digital content – audio, photos, video, flip books, large maps & drawings, e-books, PDFs, websites, and more. Hard copy can be requested from the archivist with database entry or an automatically populated e-mail.

  Links to sample timelines

Learn more about the Eloquent Archives™, or go the Eloquent’s Client List where you will find links to several historical timelines and links to a number of interesting customer databases. Everyone can enjoy learning the history they contain. Archivists learn how others have structured their holdings.


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