Spreadsheet Web Forms to load Digital Content – A YouTube Webinar

Maria Robinson; HBA, MAS

Maria Robinson; HBA, MAS

This is the second in a series of webinars by Maria Robinson, an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia. It shows how batches of digital content can be loaded quickly, adding meta-data as you go.

The spreadsheet-style web form is like Excel where you can add up to 300 rows of information, each becoming a unique record in the database when the form is saved. It is better than Excel because Continue reading

Managing Photos – a special type of Digital Asset – A YouTube Webinar

Maria Robinson

Maria Robinson; HBA, MAS

 This is the first in a series of webinars by Maria Robinson, an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia. It covers images/photographs – a special type for digital asset management (DAM).

Digital Images have a lot in common with all the rest of the digital content managed by any enterprise content management (ECM) software. This webinar is about additional features for images that create a more engaging public experience. Continue reading

YouTube Webinar Series by Maria Robinson

Maria Robinson

Maria Robinson, HBA, MAS

Eloquent Systems is sponsoring a webinar series by Maria Robinson, an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia. Ms. Robinson has a HBA (with distinction) form the University of Toronto, a MAS in Archival Studies from UBC, and a 5-year career of practical, on-the-job, experience in archives and records management positions.

The YouTube videos were captured as the webinars were delivered to Eloquent Clients (archivists, librarians, museum curators, records managers) during Maria’s two-year position as Continue reading

40-year History of Eloquent Systems


Merv Richter, President

 Eloquent Systems has learned a lot from  Knowledge Professionals (Archivists, Librarians, Museum Curators, and Records Managers) while providing them with leading-edge software for over 40 years.

Eloquent Systems Inc. has been owned and operated by its founder, Merv Richter, since 1975. It is incorporated in the Province of British Columbia and operates from an office in Greater Vancouver. He started the company under the name Easy Data Inc. after a short career with IBM. The business developed, sold, and supported several software packages for the emerging minicomputer market. The packaged applications included an integrated library system (ILS) that quickly gained international recognition when it became the product of choice for the large research libraries of Exxon, Chevron, Tenneco and many other energy internationals. In 1982 Mr. Richter sold Easy Data to the publicly traded Sydney Continue reading

Enterprise Content Management with Eloquent WebSuite

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise Content Management with the Eloquent WebSuite

The Eloquent WebSuite takes you into the digital age with minimal disruption. Your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) falls into two main categories: 1) some related to daily business and 2) some retained for promotional reasons by your PR Department. Your Legal Department is concerned about Information Governance (IG) of business records; wanting procedures in place to ensure the enterprise complies with all the legal regulations regarding freedom of information, privacy issues, and retention requirements.

This blog considers IG problems and how current technology can minimise them. It looks at three key problems and three manageable solutions.
Continue reading

Digital Continuity with OAIS and Archivematica



Archivematica and OAIS

Will “going digital” solve all your problems? Or, will it make life more complicated. This blog considers Digital Continuity – having plans and procedures in place to ensure that your digital assets will last for many years to come. This blog proposes digital continuity with OAIS and Archivematica.

An entire industry is growing up around the issue of digital continuity. Our Eloquent technical team is getting a lot of questions:

  • Are there really many different types of PDFs? Down the road, will I be able to read some, but not others?
  • Will my digital documents be accepted in court? Do they contain proof that they were not modified?
  • Is it true that Jpeg pictures will corrupt over time?

Eloquent customers have a single portal into all their information: physical or digital; archives, library, museum, or business records. They use the common tools Continue reading

Going public with the rich holdings of Independence Seaport Museum – a Case Study

SeaportThe director of  the archives for this prestigious maritime museum describes her experience of streamlining the fractured and arduous administrative procedures in her institution within a few short months after taking the job. Her rich holdings are now online for public viewing.

Case Study by:
Terry L. Potter
Director of  the J. Welles Henderson Archives & Library
Independence Seaport Museum
I am writing to express how very pleased I am with the Eloquent Archives software. We are small archive with minimal staff and a very rich collection.   It is difficult to know where to begin Continue reading

VanDusen Botanical Garden selects Eloquent Library™ for Mobile-Friendly public access to their Resource Centre

VanDusen LogoThis popular public garden is a community treasure for members and volunteers as well as the general public year-round. They have courses and entertainment for all ages. The library, with its unique collection of material, is a natural extension of the garden. Eloquent Library software makes the online library a natural extension of their website.
Vancouver, BC – September 29, 2016. Eloquent Systems Inc. is pleased to announce that VanDusen Botanical Garden has selected the Eloquent Library™ software. Patrons use mobile devices or any desktop browser for Continue reading

The Branson School goes live with Mobile-Friendly Eloquent Archives

branson_logo_647-575_lgThis California school is now “live” with archives software that , is mobile-friendly, runs in the cloud, is a seamless extension of their website, and supports all types of digital content. An auto-published historical timeline offers an additional portal into their rich database of history. Priceless promotion!

 Vancouver, BC – September 13, 2016. Eloquent Systems Inc. is pleased to announce that The Branson School has selected the Eloquent Archives™ software which is mobile-friendly and supports all popular Internet browsers. Their historical timeline, automatically published by the software, shows a rich heritage starting in the 1910’s and moving Continue reading

Henry Ford Health System selects Eloquent Systems for Mobile-Friendly Historical Archives

hfhs-logo100 years ago Henry Ford, who created the auto industry’s first production line, financed and built the Henry Ford Hospital.  Today the Henry Ford Health System is the only organization in the U.S. to win all five major health care quality awards. The rich archives of this institution are managed with Eloquent Archives™.

Vancouver, BC – September 8, 2016 – Eloquent Systems Inc is pleased to announce that Henry Ford Health System (Lam Archives) has upgraded their Eloquent Archives™ software to the latest version which is mobile-friendly. The responsive-design make it easy to read and operate on a smart phone and tablet as well as with any desk top browser. The new Eloquent Mobile technology also makes their archival holdings Continue reading